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What is RezNet?

RezNet is the preferred internet service provider in Western residences. We offer access to both wired and wireless internet. On move-in days we have an excellent student support team that will be in your residence when you arrive to help you get connected. This support team also provides technical support through the RezNet hotline during the academic year.

Is RezNet Wired or Wireless?

Both. RezNet provides a high-speed wired connection in every residence room that is best used for academic resources, banking and media streaming. In residence you may also connect to RezNet's wireless service. This connection is best for connecting with smart phones or tablets.

What are the RezNet Bandwidth limits?

No Limits! RezNet subscribers can enjoy no daily or monthly limits on our wired and wireless networks for the 2014-2015 academic year. We are offering a service with no daily or monthly limits to provide subscribers with more freedom for normal daily internet use. RezNet reserves the right to intervene with users consuming excessive bandwidth that restricts other subscribers' enjoyment of our services. For the full RezNet Bandwidth guidelines please visit our bandwidth page.

May I still subscribe?

Absolutely! Subscribe now and let us know what you think! If you change your mind, inform us before September 30th, 2014 and you can receive a full refund.

RezNet Handbook 2014/15
If you are experiencing problems connecting to RezNet and the solution cannot be found in this handbook, please call the RezNet Hotline.
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F.A.Q.s Check out our Bandwidth page to prevent yourself from going over the limit.
  RezNet Hotline: (519) 661-4225
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